• How to Build Projects Debt-Free and Under Budget

    Practical wisdom and spiritual insight for those who want to build God’s projects, without going over budget and without mounds of debt! Whether it’s a new church building or a new home, Jesse will help you to see that anything you build is the Lord’s and your project should be built His way—with...

  • Never Do What You Are Told Not To Do

    God loves you, and He’s placed warnings in His Word to keep you blessed and out of harm’s way. Get ready to reap a bountiful harvest as Jesse motivates you to heed God’s instruction to not grow weary in well doing. God is speaking to you, and He doesn’t want you to give up—harvest time is coming!

  • Fellowshipping with Your Vision

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    Look Up and See What God Sees—Your Great Future!
    You are called by God to do something BIG! Can you see it?

    When God created you, He had an awesome plan in mind. He equipped you with everything you would need to bring that vision to pass. But you have to envision it, too! Get ready for your visi...

  • Dreamer: I Hope They Say That About Me!

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    Spark Your God-Given Dreams!
    Do you realize that you were created to be a dreamer? Do you know that your dreams can impact the way future generations remember you? Hold on tight because Jesse has revelation to share with you that will spark your God-given dreams and give you a new vision to see t...

  • Living Off the Top of the Barrel

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    Rise Up and Live in the Blessing!

    It doesn’t matter what the economy says, what the doctor says, or what the world says, YOU are a child of God and you’ve been blessed to “live in the blessing”—spiritually, physically, and financially. Get ready for your faith to ignite as Jesse shares biblical ...

  • It's Fun Doing the Impossible

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    What has God promised You?

    Is God calling you to believe Him for the impossible in your life? Maybe you have given up on a dream because it seemed highly improbable to ever come to pass. This three part series by Jesse is going to rekindle your passion and ignite your faith to believe what God h...

  • Living Out the Will of God on the Earth

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    What Is God’s Will for You?
    "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven." - Matthew 6:10

    Did you know that God’s heavenly desire for you here on earth is the same as it is in Heaven…and that He has given you all the blessing and authority you need to start living out His go...

  • Taking Ownership of What Is Ours

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    Change the way you see yourself
    You Own More Than You Think

    Explore a revelation from God that will empower you to take ownership of what’s rightfully yours. You are a loved member of God’s amazing family and you own more than you think!

    Discover the blessings your Father has always intended yo...

  • Overflow - God's Gift of Abundance for You

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    Dr. Jesse Duplantis will inspire you to do the things necessary - spiritually and naturally - to open the door for God to pour out His "pressed-down, shaken together, and running-over" blessings on your life!

    In five power-packed messages, Dr. Duplantis will take you through the scriptures and s...

  • The Relentless Advance

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    God has a vision for your life—a purpose and destiny so great that it will advance His cause on earth! In this compelling message series, Cathy will stir up your passion and strengthen your resolve to relentlessly pursue all that God has for you. You can move forward and achieve every dream God p...

  • Prosperity Is Not About Possessions, It’s About Priorities

    Movie + 1 extra

    Jesse teaches you how to put your priorities in line with God’s Word so that you can enjoy Heaven’s wealth here on earth. Find out how to do things the Lord’s way and start making quality decisions that will produce God’s blessing of abundance in your life.

  • Hey! That’s My Harvest!

    Movie + 1 extra

    Have you been sowing much and reaping little? Are you confused about how to really receive your harvest? In this eye-opening message, Jesse shares simple but effective Biblical techniques for receiving the abundant harvest you've been sowing for. Your faith will be stirred as you learn:

    • How to...

  • Why Isn't My Giving Working? The Four Types of Giving

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    Learn How To Make Your Giving Work!

    Are you a giver but you’re not receiving much of a return? Honoring God with your giving keeps you under the open windows of Heaven so you can be the blessing God created you to be. If your giving isn’t working that way in your life, you are about to be set fr...

  • The Reason for Christmas

    The joyful birth of Christ is magnified in this special message where Jesse shares the Christmas story from the perspective of the Three Kings. You'll be inspired as you learn about the many blessings that come from worshipping Jesus and giving Him your very best.

  • 7 Ways The Father is Good To Us

    Are you ready for God to lavish you with His goodness in ways beyond what you could ever hope for? Gain great biblical understanding that will position you to receive as Jesse teaches the ways your heavenly Father wants to demonstrate His endless power in your life. It's your time to magnify Him ...

  • Untrodden Ground

    "...arise, go over this Jordan." God has a great mission on His mind and He chose you to carry it out! In this motivational message, Jesse teaches how you have all you need to boldly walk out the call of God on your life. The territory is already yours to take. Learn how to possess your promise...

  • What Is a Better Covenant?

    Are you ready to bring your faith life to a new level? In this revelatory message, Jesse unveils biblical truths that will kindle and equip your spirit to rise to the superior position Christ provides. Understand the wonderful rights and privileges Jesus acquired for you and embrace the better pr...

  • Celebrate The Life of Jesus Every Day

    There are two days of the year that Christians celebrate: Christ's birth and Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. So what do we celebrate the rest of the year? Jesse will stir up your joy and passion for Jesus as he shares about the gifts of relationship and fellowship that God has given you...

  • How To Protect The Success Of Your Ministry

    You were created to be a success going somewhere to succeed. Whether you are in business, ministry, or have yet to see your God-given mission on earth come to pass, this message is for you. Jesse imparts wisdom from the Word that produces godly results in every area of life, and gives vital keys ...

  • Your Power Is In Your Saying And Believing

    Jumpstart your faith as Jesse helps you understand who you truly are in Christ. You'll learn how God's Word will give you the wisdom and strength you need to see all your dreams and desires come to pass.

  • Advice For Living

    God doesn't want you to struggle with faith and live anything less than His best life. Learn how to fight the good fight of faith and embrace a full life of adventure, health, peace, and blessing.

  • When the Gospel Becomes Your Gospel

    The Gospel is far more than just doctrine or dreamy dogma; it's your personal experience of God's grace and your unique partnership with Jesus Christ. Discover how to make the Gospel a personal conviction and a personal responsibility. You are destined to be the conduit of the Good News that tran...

  • Seed Power: It Works Not Sometimes, But All the Time!

    The creative power inside the seeds of love, faith, and action is immeasurable and unlimited-your existence here on earth alone is proof of that! Learn how to unlock the power in every seed Jesus puts into your hands, and start sowing them the unfailing way. Make seedtime and harvest time work in...

  • Your Everything Is His Anything

    Your Father is a Giver Who is willing and able to do whatsoever in your life, if only you'll ask and believe. Discover how you can receive and achieve everything you desire, all to the glory of God. Come on, it's your time to ask and get into the blessing cycle-your blessings are God's glories!