Boardroom Chats

Boardroom Chats

11 Seasons

The Boardroom Chats with Jesse and Cathy Duplantis are anointed messages filled with biblical wisdom, inspirational teachings, and supernatural joy! Each chat will encourage you to walk in FAITH as you study God’s Word. Get ready to experience the presence of our Heavenly Father on a whole new level!

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Boardroom Chats
  • Learn How To Create Your World

    Episode 144

    Bring the promises of God into YOUR world! In this powerful Boardroom Chat, Jesse and Cathy share how to create your world with the WORD so that you can prosper in every area.

  • Cross “Never Never” Land Into “Ever Ever” Land!

    Episode 145

    Don’t call something unclean that GOD has declared as clean! Be transformed by this revelatory message from Jesse and Cathy, as they discuss how to replace “NEVER” with the everlasting and unchanging Word of God.

  • Obedience Gets God’s Attention

    Episode 146

    It’s better to just OBEY God! Access the “Blessing Plan” as you watch this power-packed Boardroom Chat with Jesse and Cathy.

  • Profit: The Future Of The Believer

    Episode 147

    You are called to publish the Good News! Join Jesse and Cathy for another anointed chat as they discuss how God will teach you how to profit.

  • Don’t Fight Faith…Fight The Good Fight Of Faith!

    Episode 148

    Fight the GOOD fight of FAITH for the winner’s prize! In this anointed Boardroom Chat, Jesse and Cathy discuss how to remain steadfast in faith in order to receive every promise that the Lord has for YOU.