BoardRoom Chats

BoardRoom Chats

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The Boardroom Chats with Jesse and Cathy Duplantis are anointed messages filled with biblical wisdom, inspirational teachings, and supernatural joy! Each chat will encourage you to walk in FAITH as you study God’s Word. Get ready to experience the presence of our Heavenly Father on a whole new level!

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BoardRoom Chats
  • Learning To Live A Witness Lifestyle

    Episode 105

    Join Jesse and Cathy in the Boardroom as they discuss the importance of declaring the wonderful works of the Lord.

  • The Remedy Against The Fear Of Death

    Episode 106

    This anointed teaching from Jesse and Cathy will inspire you to celebrate Holy Week every week. The power of the resurrection is for YOU!

  • Don’t Hate What God Wants To Give You!

    Episode 107

    Join Jesse and Cathy for another spirit-filled Boardroom Chat and prepare to receive more from your Heavenly Father.

  • Why Did God Put You Here?

    Episode 108

    You must be a producer! Watch this Boardroom Chat and recognize the image of God within YOU.

  • What Are You Saying On The Inside?

    Episode 109

    Are your prayers not being answered? Join Jesse and Cathy in this Boardroom Chat and make up your mind that your mouth and your spirit are going to say the same thing no matter what comes your way.

  • The Worst Mistake Satan Ever Made

    Episode 110

    It’s a defeat for the devil…but a VICTORY for us! Jesse and Cathy share life-changing wisdom and supernatural understanding that will ignite the POWER within your spirit.

  • Promises Are Living Realities: You Need Them Today!

    Episode 111

    What promises are you believing for? Join Jesse and Cathy in the Boardroom, and be empowered to take off the limits!