Boardroom Chats

Boardroom Chats

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The Boardroom Chats with Jesse and Cathy Duplantis are anointed messages filled with biblical wisdom, inspirational teachings, and supernatural joy! Each chat will encourage you to walk in FAITH as you study God’s Word. Get ready to experience the presence of our Heavenly Father on a whole new level!

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Boardroom Chats
  • Don’t Like What You See? Change It!

    Episode 67

    Did you know that you can CREATE what you want to see? Study along with Jesse and Cathy and discover how you can walk by faith and not by sight.

  • Have You Talked To God About Your Vision?

    Episode 68

    God wants to get involved with your VISION! Sit back, relax, and watch this anointed teaching with Jesse and Cathy. Remember…if you aren’t talking about your vision, your vision is talking about YOU.

  • If You Honor God, He Will Honor You!

    Episode 69

    We sere an extravagant GOD! Study along with Jesse and Cathy in the Boardroom Chat and discover how HONORING God will change your life forever.

  • Believe The Promise Over The Problem!

    Episode 70

    Shake off disobedience and BELIEVE God! Join Jesse and Cathy for another fun Boardroom Chat filled with biblical insight and scriptural truths. It’s time to BE OF GOOD CHEER and believe!

  • What Is The Definition Of Rich?

    Episode 71

    Our God is EXTRAVAGENTLY generous! Watch this Boardroom Chat with Jesse and Cathy and learn how being rich in good works produces eternal happiness.

  • Have You Ever Been Careless?

    Episode 72

    In times of uncertainty, it is easy to fall into a trap of fear and anxiety! Watch this joyful teaching with Jesse and Cathy and learn how to CAST your cares on the Lord.

  • What Do You Do When Everything Is Going Wrong?

    Episode 73

    Open your mouth and SING your victory song to the Lord! Be uplifted as you learn from Jesse and Cathy in this dynamic Boardroom Chat.

  • Choose The Faith Side!

    Episode 74

    Does Jesus marvel at the depth of your FAITH? In this strengthening teaching with Jesse and Cathy, you will be instructed on how to get rid of unbelief and choose the FAITH side!

  • The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength!

    Episode 76

    Jesus IS JOY…and so are you! It’s time to celebrate the joy of the Lord in your life. Watch this Boardroom Chat with Jesse and Cathy and be strengthened by the everlasting joy of our Heavenly Father.

  • The 100 Fold…It Works!

    Episode 77

    You can experience the 100-FOLD anointing in every area of your life! In this Boardroom Chat, Jesse and Cathy teach on the principle of the 100-FOLD and how it’s God’s will for you to be blessed physically, spiritually, and financially.

  • You Are Set Apart…For Such A Time As This!

    Episode 78

    Did you know that God chose YOU for a purpose? In this inspiring teaching, you will be encouraged to crucify your flesh daily so that you can WALK in righteousness with your Heavenly Father.