Boardroom Chats

Boardroom Chats

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The Boardroom Chats with Jesse and Cathy Duplantis are anointed messages filled with biblical wisdom, inspirational teachings, and supernatural joy! Each chat will encourage you to walk in FAITH as you study God’s Word. Get ready to experience the presence of our Heavenly Father on a whole new level!

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Boardroom Chats
  • The Meaning Of God’s Mercy

    Episode 92

    It’s our job to LOVE and extend the mercy of God to everyone we meet! Find out how to keep the Covenant of Christ and be FILLED with the Lord’s everlasting mercy.

  • Experience God’s REST And Be Refreshed!

    Episode 93

    The rest does not enter you…YOU enter into the rest! Join Jesse and Cathy in the Boardroom and dwell in Jesus’ everlasting PEACE.

  • Faith = Living Like Jesus!

    Episode 94

    It’s time to link up your faith with JESUS! Watch this Boardroom Chat with Jesse and Cathy, and be encouraged to LIVE your life by imitating our perfect example—Jesus Christ!

  • They Say It’s Of The Devil…But It’s Not!

    Episode 95

    The gift of the Holy Spirit is available for YOU, your children, and your children’s children! Watch as Jesse and Cathy teach on the wonderful truth of praying in the Holy Spirit.

  • Don’t Be A Becomer…Be An OVERCOMER!

    Episode 96

    Faith is NEVER limited…it’s what you think about it that is! Join Jesse and Cathy in the Boardroom and learn how FAITH is designed to bring victory.

  • Shut Down Satan’s 3 Phase Plan

    Episode 97

    Don’t let the tactics of Satan destroy your life! Join Jesse and Cathy in the Boardroom and study God’s strategic plan on defeating the devil ALL the time!

  • A Wonderful Verse That’s Been Totally Misunderstood!

    Episode 98

    Don’t get confused by this powerful verse of Scripture! Watch this anointed teaching from Jesse and Cathy and discover what happens when the Holy Spirit intercedes for YOU.

  • Unshakable, Unbreakable, And Irrevocable

    Episode 99

    Stay TRUE to the message that God has given you! Watch this revelatory message from Jesse and Cathy and find out what COVENANT is all about.

  • Count It All Joy…KNOWING This!

    Episode 100

    When your faith is tested, your ENDURANCE has a chance to grow! Watch this anointed Boardroom Chat with Jesse and Cathy, and don’t let TIME defeat you.

  • Change What You See By What You BELIEVE!

    Episode 101

    Watch Jesse and Cathy’s 100th Boardroom Chat and start saying what you WANT instead of what you have! Remember…the weapon will form, but it won’t prosper!

  • The Great Business Meeting

    Episode 102

    Jesus was slain so that we may become the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God!
    Watch this POWER-PACKED Boardroom Chat with Jesse and Cathy and be filled with divine insight on “The Great Business Meeting” that changed our world.

  • Say What You Want Instead Of What You Have!

    Episode 103

    It’s time for you to proclaim…IT IS WELL! Join Jesse and Cathy in the Boardroom and learn how to destroy the enemy’s day with your FAITH!

  • Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord?

    Episode 104

    Convince yourself that God can do ANYTHING! In this revelatory Boardroom Chat, Jesse and Cathy speak on how to exercise your faith completely and BELIEVE the unbelievable!