• Be Glorious

    It's your time to arise and shine! Be Glorious and reflect the glory of Heaven right here on earth, today. Cathy shares a great revelation on accessing the very character of God-His beauty, His mercy, His power, and His authority and, they all reside in you!

  • You Were Made for Glorious Victory

    3 videos

    Expect to experience higher levels of glory with Cathy as she’s joined by her Special Guest—Carolyn Savelle and the Glorious Girl Talk Panel—GiGi McBride, Brittany Allen, Alicia Hankins Moran, and Cathy Cilluffo! Grab your Bible and allow God to propel you into your glorious future!

  • The Thriving Season (Glorious! 2017)

    God wants you to thrive, and in this exciting message Cathy explores examples in the Word of God of people who moved into their thriving season, and tells you how to enter your season of thriving.

  • Living Everyday in God's Glorious Joy

    Are you ready to be refreshed and empowered with real joy-God's Glorious Joy? Cathy's message will bring supernatural gladness to your heart and divine, overcoming, inexpressible joy into your life. God's glorious joy is yours!

  • You are Called to a Glorious Future

    Whatever your season of life, God is calling you to dream big and embrace the glorious future He's designed for you. Expect to receive an explosion of God's love and power in your life as Cathy teaches you how to press forward into your glorious future.

  • 2019 Glorious Conference

    3 videos

    Are you ready to experience manifestations of God’s majesty and walk in His glorious splendor and wonderful miracles? At the Glorious 2019 Women’s Conference, Cathy and her special guest Drenda Keesee share powerful truths from God’s Word that will inspire and equip you to live the miraculous lif...

  • 2019 Visionary Conference

    3 videos

    Everyone should have a vision. Learn to fellowship with your vision. This is essential to your success. Write the vision down and make it plain (Hab. 2:1-2).

  • 2018 Visionary Conference

    3 videos

    It is with great joy that we present our 10th annual Visionary Conference—10 years of vision, passion, and the presence of God—advancing us into higher levels of faith in Jesus. Grab your Bible and watch expecting your vision to explode with new passion right where you are!

  • The M & M's of Ministry

    God has a vision and calling for you that will glorify Him and fulfill your life. Jesse will show you how motivation and momentum are the keys to completing ALL that God calls you to do, on time and with joy.

  • Running a Vision Is Greater than Running a Business

    3 videos

    God has an extraordinary vision that He designed just for you—are you ready to see it come to pass? In this dynamic 3-part series, Jesse will teach you divine principles that will show you how to take action and accomplish your God-given dreams. Each fast-paced message will inspire you and help y...

  • 3 Essentials of Ministry

    3 videos

    Jesse Duplantis is on fire with this revolutionary series. Whether you are a minister, teacher, businessperson or full-time parent, as a believer, you have a ministry for Christ. These three anointed teachings will bless you and motivate you to manifest the divine call God has for your life and m...