Glorious 2020 Women’s Conference

Glorious 2020 Women’s Conference

Let your expectation rise for the glory of God to move with this life-transforming time of ministry! Recorded from Glorious 2020, Cathy Duplantis’ 20th Anniversary Women’s Conference celebration, these anointed teachings by Cathy and her special guest speaker, Taffi Dollar, will help you realize the glorious treasure that dwells within you. These passionate, timeless messages will be ones you’ll want to revisit and share with other women again and again!

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Glorious 2020 Women’s Conference
  • We are God’s Glorious Treasure

    Let your expectation rise as Cathy ministers a passionate message that will help you realize the “glorious treasure” that dwells within you. Find out how to release the glorious life force of God that He’s already deposited in you.

  • Glorious 2020 Girl Talk Panel

    Join Cathy Duplantis, Senior Pastor of Jesse Duplantis Ministries Covenant Church, Cathy Cilluffo, Co-Pastor of Believer’s Life Church, and Brittany Allen, Assistant Pastor of Destiny Christian Center for a fun time talking and answering questions, each bringing their unique perspectives on relev...

  • Divine Happenings

    Get ready for your God-appointment! Taffi Dollar teaches how to get into a divine position where you can experience godly success. God is for you, and He has a specific “right time” and “right place” where His immeasurable, limitless goodness is planned for you to enjoy.