• Built To Last

    Life has challenges, as a believer in Christ, you've been supernaturally equipped to outlast and conquer any difficulty that comes your way. In this teaching, you will see and understand how, like Paul, you are a 'good soldier of the cross.'

  • Check Your Emotional Language at the Door

    Have emotions ever overwhelmed you and confused the way you trust God? Life can be really tough and emotions can get the best of anybody-especially when it comes to family. In this liberating message, Jesse empowers you to shut down any emotional noise that could hinder your faith.

  • It's Okay To Brag on God

    Be fearless and brag on Jesus! In this dynamic message, Jesse will open your eyes and heart to the wonder of God's goodness in your life with such clarity that you'll be shouting His praises and inspiring others, everywhere you go.

  • ALL

    ALL. It may be a little word, but with God it has the potential to bring you BIG results. In this message, Jesse shares revelation from God's Word that will enlarge your faith and, unleash God's favor and grace to receive all God has for you.

  • Not A Typical Resurrection Message

    Get ready to shout as you travel back through Scripture and experience the Resurrection of Christ in a way you've never heard before. Jesse shares on not letting doubt or unbelief blind you to the power of God. Resurrection life is calling your name!

  • Why Isn't My Giving Working? The Four Types of Giving

    Movie + 3 extras

    Learn How To Make Your Giving Work!

    Are you a giver but you’re not receiving much of a return? Honoring God with your giving keeps you under the open windows of Heaven so you can be the blessing God created you to be. If your giving isn’t working that way in your life, you are about to be set fr...

  • What In Hell Do You Want?

    Movie + 1 extra

    What does hell have to offer that you are willing to go there? Nothing! When Jesse preached this powerful straightforward sermon 30 years ago under a tent in New York, people ran forward to give their lives to Jesus. Now, in this special 2 disc Anniversary Edition, you can hear timeless truths th...

  • Cruise Control: The Enemy of Increase

    Jesse shows you how to avoid a 'cruise control' mentality, which is a tactic from the enemy to drive you off the path of increase. Don't be tempted to kick back and put your life on cruise control, wake up, and look around-God has so much more for you ahead!

  • Did You Pick It Up Today?

    God has a Word just for you...a treasure that He's placed in His Holy Scripture with your name on it. All you have to do is dig for it and you'll find it. Pick it up and let God inspire you today!

  • Knowledge: The Ingredient To Think Big

    How BIG can you think about your future? No matter where you are in life, God has something bigger on His mind for you. Jesse will ignite a deep desire to build your knowledge of God, exalt your view of Who He is, and see the extraordinary life He has for you.

  • What a Christian Should Never Do

    God has a divine plan with an amazing purpose for you. Get ready to stir your faith, challenge your thinking, and renew your hope. God's will is for you to live by faith and seize the opportunities He brings you to show His love and power-never send them away!

  • You Can't Lose With These Three

    Are you ready to really win in life? Sure you are! Don't let the circumstances of life defeat you. God has given you three divine gifts that can lead you to victory today. Grace, Mercy, and Peace-You Can't Lose With These Three!

  • It's Your Job to Serve Your Generation

    YOU have a divine assignment-vitally important to your entire generation. Jesse inspires you to visualize and realize God's purpose for your life. Learn faith-building principles to position yourself to receive the abundant blessings you need for the job.

  • The Illumination of Vision and Service

    When you were saved, you had a personal encounter with God Almighty Who illuminated a future for you full of passion and purpose. Don't allow the struggles of life to cloud your destiny. Remember the vision and be the blessing He called you to be.

  • Checkups Always Tell You What's Up

    Are you struggling with something and wondering why you're not receiving the answers you're believing God for, then maybe it's time for a checkup! Jesse teaches practical ways to identify and fix whatever might be hindering you from God's best in your life.

  • Recognizing What You Are Created to Do-'Hey I Can Do That!'

    God is calling YOU to a fulfilling life of true joy and purpose, and He's given you exactly what you need to achieve it-the ability to learn. Regardless of past failures, you can achieve ALL that God has called you to do. Remember in Christ, YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Time: Our Most Precious Commodity, Part 1

  • It's Not About Need

    Are you overwhelmed and discouraged by the many needs in life? Get ready to be set free, as Jesse explores a new level of revelation that living a need-conscious life limits God's abundant provision for you-you don't have to be in dire straits to get His attention.

  • The Relentless Advance

    3 videos

    God has a vision for your life—a purpose and destiny so great that it will advance His cause on earth! In this compelling message series, Cathy will stir up your passion and strengthen your resolve to relentlessly pursue all that God has for you. You can move forward and achieve every dream God p...

  • A Divine Turnaround

    6 videos

    Whether you need a breakthrough in your health, finances, emotions, or relationships, your turnaround moment can be today! In this invigorating series, Cathy will inspire and equip you with revelation knowledge that will catapult you into position for a divine turnaround. With Jesus as your Guide...

  • The Book of Acts: The Relentless Advance of the Gospel

    6 videos

    Expect great revelation, inspiration, and manifestation in this motivating series by Cathy. In this comprehensive study, you will learn how the same power that transformed the Apostle Peter can transform and equip you to be the dynamic witness Christ wants you to be.

  • 2019 Visionary Conference

    3 videos

    Everyone should have a vision. Learn to fellowship with your vision. This is essential to your success. Write the vision down and make it plain (Hab. 2:1-2).

  • Running a Vision Is Greater than Running a Business

    3 videos

    God has an extraordinary vision that He designed just for you—are you ready to see it come to pass? In this dynamic 3-part series, Jesse will teach you divine principles that will show you how to take action and accomplish your God-given dreams. Each fast-paced message will inspire you and help y...

  • 2018 Visionary Conference

    3 videos

    It is with great joy that we present our 10th annual Visionary Conference—10 years of vision, passion, and the presence of God—advancing us into higher levels of faith in Jesus. Grab your Bible and watch expecting your vision to explode with new passion right where you are!