Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

11 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • Draw The Bloodline!

    Episode 1

    Learn the importance of pleading the blood of Jesus over your life each and every day. You are supernaturally protected when you DRAW the bloodline!

  • Destroy Satan’s Day!

    Episode 2

    Jesse teaches you how to resist the devil so that he will flee. Destroy the enemy’s day with your FAITH!

  • Be A Success Going Somewhere To Succeed!

    Episode 3

    You are a success going somewhere to succeed! Watch this encouraging Faith the Facts with Jesse and be confident in who you are in Christ.

  • Teach, Baptize, Observe!

    Episode 4

    God instructs us to teach, baptize, and observe! Be energized to GO DO THE WORK of Jesus as you watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse.

  • Overcome “Suppose It Don’t Work” Syndrome!

    Episode 5

    Jesse's teaching will empower you to NEVER doubt again. When you pray…BELIEVE that you shall receive!

  • Religion vs. Born Again

    Episode 6

    If you don’t like the way you were born…try it again! Watch this power-packed teaching with Jesse and replace religion with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Do You Need Comfort?

    Episode 7

    Rest in the COMFORT of the Holy Spirit! In this Faith the Facts with Jesse, learn how to embrace heavenly peace within this sin-sick world.

  • Words Are Vessels!

    Episode 8

    What are your WORDS carrying? Be encouraged as Jesse shares how to stop corrupt communication and start speaking LIFE!

  • This World Needs Jesus!

    Episode 9

    It’s time to bring the GOOD NEWS of Jesus to our hurting world! Be inspired to share your faith with others as you watch this powerful message from Jesse.

  • God Is Working Behind YOUR Scenes!

    Episode 10

    In this anointed message from Jesse, you’ll be encouraged to TRUST God in all situations because God’s ways are much HIGHER than our ways!

  • Don’t Get Bitter…GET BETTER!

    Episode 11

    It’s time to put away BITTERNESS and become BETTER! Be strengthened by this message from Jesse and start walking in forgiveness.

  • Comfort Yourself With These Words!

    Episode 12

    Be comforted as you watch this revelatory teaching from Jesse and discover how you will be protected by God’s mighty hand in the last days.

    FAITH the fact that Jesus is coming back!

  • Backsliding Is Not An Option!

    Episode 13

    When you give your heart to Jesus, there is no time for backsliding! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and reignite your FIRE for God.