Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

12 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • Worried About Inflation? Get Inflated!

    Episode 1

    We serve the God of MORE than enough! Watch as Jesse encourages you to give God a JOB.

  • Confess And Possess!

    Episode 2

    Speak words of FAITH and possess God’s promises! Watch this life-building message from Jesse, and CONFESS God’s Word in every situation.

  • Make Jesus Irresistible!

    Episode 3

    Are you making Jesus “simply irresistible” to others? Be filled with the JOY of the Lord as Jesse teaches you how to let your LIGHT shine.

  • Jesus…Our Savior And Judge

    Episode 4

    Jesus is coming back…SOONER than you think! Watch this Faith the Facts and learn more about Jesus as both our Savior and Judge.

  • Shun The Very Appearance Of Evil!

    Episode 5

    Turn away from darkness and toward God’s GLORIOUS light! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and be encouraged to keep standing for righteousness.

  • Jesus EXPUNGED Your Record!

    Episode 6

    When you accepted Jesus as Savior, your record was EXPUNGED. Have confidence in the FACT that you are a NEW creation in Christ.

  • The Winds Of Life And Power

    Episode 7

    If you are born of the Spirit, then you possess the POWER of God! Watch this revelatory teaching from Jesse, and embrace the presence of the Holy Ghost as it flows through YOU and into the lives of others.

  • Believe The Words In Red!

    Episode 8

    Jesus is THE LIVING Word. Be encouraged as Jesse share just how important it is to BELIEVE the "Words In Red."

  • Defeat The Floating Thoughts!

    Episode 9

    THINK on GOOD things! Watch this empowering message from Jesse and discover how to defeat the floating thoughts.

  • You Don’t Have A Shelf Life!

    Episode 10

    Stay FRESH with the Word of God! Be supernaturally energized as Jesse teaches the TRUTH about your eternal spirit.

  • It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish!

    Episode 11

    Are you fighting the good fight of faith? Watch this encouraging message from Jesse and discover how YOU have a crown of righteousness awaiting!

  • The Tsunami Of Blessings

    Episode 12

    The overflow of blessings belong to YOU! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and GET READY to experience God’s abundance in your life.

  • Encouragement- Oxygen Of The Soul!

    Episode 13

    Take a big, deep breath of encouragement! Watch as Jesse encourages you to stay strong in the Lord no matter what the circumstance.

  • Genetically Linked Up With God!

    Episode 14

    YOU are related to God Almighty! Watch this message from Jesse and take hold of the fact that you have supernatural DNA.

  • Jesus Doesn’t Heal Halfway!

    Episode 15

    Jesus wants to HEAL every part of YOU! Be empowered to BELIEVE as you watch this anointed Faith the Facts with Jesse.

  • It’s Not Religion…It’s Reality!

    Episode 16

    Having a relationship with God is a LIVING REALITY! Be strengthened by the Word as you watch Jesse proclaim the truth about religion.

  • They Aren’t Gone…They Just Moved!

    Episode 17

    You will see your love one again! Watch this comforting teaching from Jesse and be filled with HOPE that you will have a great reunion in Heaven.

  • Made vs. Was

    Episode 18

    We were made…but God ALWAYS WAS! Let your faith soar to new heights as Jesse shares how the great “I AM” dwells within your heart.

  • Are You Feeling Burnt Out?

    Episode 19

    Do not be weary in WELL doing! Be empowered to keep the FAITH as you watch this teaching from Jesse.

  • Have You Touched Jesus?

    Episode 20

    When you touch Jesus, everything changes! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and learn how to tap into the presence of God in order to receive your miracle.

  • Get Your Spiritual Nutrition Right!

    Episode 21

    It’s time to get your Spiritual Nutrition right! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and learn the importance of feeding your spirit with God’s Word each and everyday.

  • Don't Debate...Make A Decision!

    Episode 22

    Avoid foolish questions! Watch this teaching from Jesse and decide to keep the faith.

  • Desires…Treasures In Waiting!

    Episode 23

    Are you ready to go on a treasure hunt?! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and be inspired to start believing BIG.

  • Mary Kept The Faith!

    Episode 24

    Because Mary kept the FAITH, we celebrate the birth of Christ! Be inspired to follow the example of Mary as you watch this powerful Christmas teaching from Jesse