Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

12 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • God Doesn’t Visit…He Dwells!

    Episode 1

    Do you realize YOU are a temple of the Holy Spirit? In this revelatory teaching, Jesse encourages you to embrace CHRIST within you so that you can be more than a conqueror.

  • Get Rid Of “Never”…and KNOW!

    Episode 2

    The word “NEVER” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and be empowered to know that you can do ALL THINGS through Christ.

  • It’s God’s Job To Judge And Our Job To Love!

    Episode 3

    Are you displaying the LOVE of God to your neighbors? Watch this powerful teaching with Jesse and get rid of any judgmental or critical spirit!

  • Faith Is Not The Work Of A Moment, But Of A Lifetime

    Episode 4

    Faith will keep you BUSY! Be strengthened to fight the good fight of FAITH and experience EVERYTHING God has planned for you.

  • Never Eat The Bread Of Idleness!

    Episode 5

    Do not be LAZY with the calling of God on your life! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and get MOTIVATED to pursue greatness.

  • Life Is Your Opportunity To Shine!

    Episode 6

    SHINE with the light of Christ each and every day! Watch this wonderful message from Jesse, and do not let your light fade in the face of adversity.

  • Imagine If The World Got Saved…

    Episode 7

    What would happen if the whole world knew Jesus as Savior? Let your faith soar as you watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse, and be inspired to continually proclaim the Gospel in every area of your life.

  • Take God’s Advice!

    Episode 8

    Be anxious…for NOTHING! Be encouraged to take God’s advice as you watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse.

  • Opportunities = Roadmaps To Destiny

    Episode 9

    Are you ready to walk into your God given destiny? Watch this special Faith the Facts with Jesse, Cathy, and Chrissy in Studio C as they share how important it is to follow your divine roadmap to destiny.

  • Just Get Revived!

    Episode 10

    When Jesus is made Lord of your life, EVERYDAY should be revival! Allow your faith to be strengthened as you watch this powerful Faith the Facts with Jesse.

  • Only Say What Your Father Says!

    Episode 11

    Only SAY what your Father says…and DO what He says to do! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and discover how following this simple instruction will change your life forever.

  • Are You A Faith Keeper?

    Episode 12

    Faith Keepers NEVER give up! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and be inspired to keep the faith in every situation so that you can obtain your crown of righteousness.

  • A Dead Man Can’t Sin!

    Episode 13

    You have been crucified with CHRIST! Watch this empowering Faith the Facts with Jesse and decide to SIN NOT.

  • Nothing Is Too Hard For God!

    Episode 14

    Jesse will encourage you to see that, even in your situation, nothing is too hard for God!

  • God Does Not Send Sickness!

    Episode 15

    All GOOD and perfect gifts come from the Father! Be filled with the truth of the Gospel as you watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse.

  • Go Through The Disapproval Of People!

    Episode 16

    You are called to please GOD…not man! Be set free from the opinions of people as you watch this message from Jesse.

  • Don’t Open The Door To Disaster!

    Episode 17

    It’s time to SHUT the door to the devil! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and start protecting your life with the mighty Word of Jesus.

  • There’s So Many Other Words You Can Use!

    Episode 18

    Are you glorifying God with your words? Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and DO NOT let any corrupt language proceed out of your mouth!

  • What Does Anything Mean To You?

    Episode 19

    You can ask ANYTHING in the name of Jesus! Be encouraged to keep asking, seeking, and knocking as you watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse.

  • Faith Is A Good Companion When Trouble Comes

    Episode 20

    Is life giving you trouble? Then get some faith! Jesse teaches on how if you have problems, keeping your faith in the now will get you the answers you need!

  • Love In Its Purest Form Is Discipline!

    Episode 21

    Is discipline one of your weaknesses? Watch Jesse as he teaches on how important it is to have discipline in all that we do.

  • Heaven And Hell Are Real!

    Episode 22

    In this Faith the Facts, Jesse uses the Scriptures to show that Heaven and Hell are real, and it’s our choice which one we’ll spend eternity in.