Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

12 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • Spark Up the Vision Inside of You

    Episode 1

    In this episode, Jesse and Cathy share how igniting your vision will keep you full of joy!

  • Have Faith that God Will Restore Your Family

    Episode 2

    Is the stress of life breaking apart your family? Watch this special message from Jesse as he shares Biblical truths about how God's people can live together in UNITY during these uncertain times.

  • You Are A New Creature In Christ

    Episode 3

    You are not just a forgiven sinner, you are a NEW CREATURE in Jesus Christ! Learn to have FAITH that you will OVERCOME addiction by the power of God. Jesse shares how to use Biblical principles that will empower you to defeat the enemy and be controlled by the Holy Spirit.

  • It Takes Faith to Obey God's Word

    Episode 4

    It's time to OBEY the Word of God and walk into His promises! Jesse shares how being obedient to God's Word will change your life and activate blessings from Heaven!

  • Experience LIBERTY in the Midst of LOCKDOWN!

    Episode 5

    Jesse shares how to get rid of your yokes of bondage by the SPIRIT of God. Whom the SON sets FREE is free INDEED!

  • A Delay Is Not A Denial!

    Episode 6

    Do not give up on God’s plan for your life! In this episode, Jesse shares how to renew your strength as you wait for God’s appointed time.

  • There Is No Fear In Fellowship!

    Episode 7

    Are you EXCITED to get back to CHURCH?! Watch as Jesse shares just how important it is to WORSHIP together!

  • Reaching People, Changing Lives, One Soul at a Time!

    Episode 8

    Faith the Facts with Jesse: Reaching People, Changing Lives, One Soul at a Time! Take an exciting look at the JDM Partner Wall and learn how FAITH fuels ministry!

  • What Would Jesus Say?

    Episode 9

    Speak LIFE and LIVE in God's abundant blessings! Jesse shares a dynamic teaching on how life and death are in the power of the tongue.

  • God Is Not A Respecter Of Persons

    Episode 10

    Jesse shares a special message that will give you a supernatural belief in God's promises for your life.

  • Put On The WHOLE Armor of God!

    Episode 11

    In this episode of Faith the Facts with Jesse, discover how to WIN the battle and be VICTORIOUS!

  • Did You Receive A False Positive Report?

    Episode 12

    We are HEALED by the POWER of God! Be filled with FAITH as Jesse and Cathy proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • Make No Excuse for the Blessings of God!

    Episode 13

    It's time to BRAG on God! Watch as Jesse shares how every GOOD and PERFECT gift comes from above.