Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

12 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • The Power of a Smile!

    Episode 1

    Faith the Facts: The Power Of A Smile! – Jesse Duplantis

    Turn that frown upside-down!
    Get ready to SMILE as your watch this encouraging message from Jesse.

  • Prayer Is A Language!

    Episode 2

    Are you having conversations with God? Watch this power-packed message from Jesse, and learn how the power of prayer will change your life forever!

  • Say No To Strife!

    Episode 3

    Did you know that STRIFE is a spiritual disease? Watch this impactful message from Jesse and discover the supernatural CURE for a strife infested life!

  • Are You Ready For Eternity?

    Episode 4

    Did you know that Jesus has prepared a place for YOU? Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and be transformed by God’s EVERLASTING promise of Salvation. Remember that ETERNITY awaits…if you believe in Christ!

  • This World Has Nothing For You!

    Episode 5

    Does this world have anything for you?
    In this episode of Faith the Facts, Jesse shares his personal experience of discovering the love of Jesus and how you can also be transformed by the goodness of God our Father.

  • Are You A Soldier For Jesus Christ?

    Episode 6

    It’s time to enlist in God’s army! In this episode of Faith the Facts, Jesse shares how to obey the call of our Heavenly Father and continue to battle the enemy with FAITH.

  • Resist the Devil...Don’t Assist!

    Episode 7

    In this episode of Faith the Facts, Jesse shares how to overcome temptation by standing on the Word of God. Share this video with a friend, and remember that GREATER is HE Who is in you than he who is in the world!

  • Thank You, Jesus!

    Episode 8

    Are you THANKFUL for God’s abundant blessings? In this episode, Jesse teaches on how you can walk in thanksgiving every day of your life!

  • It’s The Season Of Giving!

    Episode 9

    God loves a CHEERFUL giver! In this episode of Faith the Facts, Jesse shares how GIVING is the key to a FULL and prosperous life. Share this video and remember to embrace this Christmas season by being a blessing to others!

  • Emmanuel…God With Us!

    Episode 10

    Do you know that God is with YOU? In this episode of Faith the Facts, Jesse shares some insight on the Christmas season and how Jesus is the LIGHT of the world.

  • Is Christ In Your Christmas?

    Episode 11

    The Christmas season is upon us, and Jesse has an uplifting teaching just for you! Watch this spirit-filled message and remember that CHRIST is the reason for the season.

  • God Sent Jesus For All Mankind

    Episode 12

    Jesus came for ALL people! Watch this timely message from Jesse and be blessed by the POWERFUL miracle of Jesus’ birth.

  • Never Lose Your Great Expectation

    Episode 13

    This year of 2020 is coming to an end, and Jesse has an encouraging message to share with YOU! Watch this episode of Faith the Facts and remember to NEVER lose sight of your great expectation. Share and be blessed!