Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

12 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • Leave The Past Behind You

    Episode 1

    Watch this power-packed teaching from Jesse and get ready to leave the PAST behind you. Share with a friend to remind them that they are a NEW creature in Christ Jesus!

  • Say No To Limited Thinking!

    Episode 2

    GOD shall supply ALL your need according to His riches and glory. Do you believe it?
    Watch this power-packed message from Jesse and say yes to a LIMITLESS life!

  • Pick and Stick!

    Episode 3

    Pick the Word of God and Stick to its promises! Watch this exciting teaching by Jesse and discover what happens when you STICK to Jesus in every circumstance.

  • Enter Into The Rest

    Episode 4

    God has given us supernatural gifts of PEACE and REST! Watch this episode of Faith the Facts and get ready to enter into the REST of Jesus Christ.

  • Be Empowered To Prosper!

    Episode 5

    Are you ready to receive supernatural BLESSINGS from above? Watch this power-packed teaching by Jesse and discover how TRUSTING in God is the key to being blessed spiritually, physically, and financially!

  • God Is LOVE!

    Episode 6

    Are you ready to fall IN LOVE with Jesus?!
    Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and discover how the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father can change your life in an instant!

  • Create Your World and Walk in It!

    Episode 7

    Have FAITH that you can walk in God’s favor! Watch this episode of Faith the Facts with Jesse and get ready to experience supernatural blessings.

  • Good Ideas vs. God Ideas

    Episode 8

    Is your idea just good…or is it straight from GOD? Watch this power-packed Faith the Facts episode with Jesse and learn how to know the difference between a good idea and a God idea.

  • Jesus Took Your Grief!

    Episode 9

    It’s time to be HEALED from grief!
    In this Faith the Facts, Jesse instructs us on how to overcome the pain of loss and embrace the supernatural joy of the Lord. Share with a friend to let them know that Jesus will wipe away every tear!

  • Conquer Offense!

    Episode 10

    Are you fighting offense in your life?
    Watch as Jesse shares a life-changing message that will free you from the hurt of offense.
    Share with a friend and remember to FAITH the facts!

  • The Jesus in YOU!

    Episode 11

    The ONLY Jesus someone may ever see is the Jesus in you and the Jesus in me!
    Watch this anointed message from Jesse and BE THE LIGHT of this world.
    Share the light, share this video, and remember to FAITH the facts!

  • Shut Doubt Down!

    Episode 12

    Faith the Facts: Shut Doubt Down!

    It’s time to turn away from the dangers of doubt and experience the FREEDOM of faith! In this Faith the Facts with Jesse, you will learn how to shut down doubt in every area of your life. Remember to share this with others, and believe God’s Word today!

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  • Do This In Remembrance Of Jesus

    Episode 13

    Jesus is the BREAD of Life!
    In this anointed Faith the Facts, Jesse reflects on the cup of BLESSINGS which we bless and the communion of the body of Christ.
    Make sure to share this video with your friends, and remember that Holy Week should be celebrated EVERY week!