Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

6 Seasons

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Faith the Facts
  • Jesus In Written Form!

    Episode 1

    If you want to keep Jesus close…hold on tight to your Bible! Watch this empowering teaching from Jesse, and get ready to FAITH the facts.
    Remember to share this with your friends and be blessed!

  • Jesus Has Only Been Gone A Weekend!

    Episode 2

    Are you ready for Jesus to come back?! Watch this exciting message from Jesse and embrace the TRUTH of Jesus’ return.
    Share this with a friend, and remember that a day is like a thousand years to God!

  • Start Your Day With God!

    Episode 3

    God is waiting for you to say Good Morning! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and be encouraged to begin and end your day with the Lord.
    Remember to share this with a friend and be blessed by this anointed teaching!

  • Your Family Belongs To God!

    Episode 4

    Did you know that all of God’s PROMISES will be fulfilled for your family? Watch this uplifting message from Jesse and hold on to the FACTS in God’s Word. Remember to share this with a friend and claim your family's miracle today!

  • Don’t Rely On The Opinions Of People!

    Episode 5

    Seek to PLEASE God…NOT people! In this Faith the Facts, Jesse explains how God’s WORD has final authority.
    Make sure to share this with a friend and remember to RELY on Jesus!