Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

12 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • God Will Not Break His Covenant!

    Episode 1

    You have an everlasting COVENANT with the Creator of the universe! Watch this powerful Faith the Facts and take hold of God’s PROMISES for your life.
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  • Write The Vision…Make It Plain!

    Episode 2

    If you aren’t talking about your vision, your VISION is talking about YOU! In this power-packed Faith the Facts, Jesse teaches how to step into your God given destiny.
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  • PhD…Past Having Doubts!

    Episode 3

    Do you have a PhD?
    Well, it’s time to get this degree!

    Watch this uplifting message with Jesse and discover how FAITH conquers all doubts.
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  • Overcome Rejection!

    Episode 4

    Are you feeling the pain of rejection?
    Watch this POWERFUL teaching from Jesse and be healed, restored, and delivered from the spirit of rejection.
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  • Put His Super On Your Natural!

    Episode 5

    Did you know that you can do ALL things through Christ?! It’s time to have FAITH and put Jesus’ super on your natural. Jesse has a great teaching just for YOU!

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  • The Holy Spirit Is Your Helper!

    Episode 6

    Do you need a dose of the Holy Ghost?! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and be FILLED with peace from our comforter.
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  • Fear Tolerated Is Faith Contaminated!

    Episode 4

    Get ready to SHAKE OFF the fear and replace it with FAITH! Watch this power packed message from Jesse and have courage in the midst of adversity. God is on YOUR SIDE!
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  • Faith the Facts: Be Childlike…Not Childish!

    Episode 8

    Do you have FAITH like a little child? Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and learn the difference of being childlike vs. childish!
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  • Tough Times Don’t Last…Tough People Do!

    Episode 9

    Are you going through some STORMS in life? Watch this power-packed message from Jesse and PROCLAIM victory in the midst of your trouble!

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  • Keep Your Mind Full Of Great Pictures!

    Episode 8

    Set your MIND on things above! Watch this encouraging message from Jesse and start confessing the GOODNESS of God in every circumstance. Like, share, and be blessed by the TRUTH of God’s Word.

  • Use What Jesus Used…Friendship!

    Episode 11

    Are you a FRIEND of God? In this Faith the Facts, Jesse shares how true friendship can change everything.
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  • Learn How To Be A Spirit!

    Episode 12

    Jesus learned how to be a human…so we need to learn how to be a spirit! Watch this anointed teaching from Jesse and FAITH the fact that you are an eternal SPIRIT, housed in a soul, and clothed in a body.
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