Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

12 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • You Can Walk In Divine Health!

    Episode 1

    Is there any sick among you?
    Watch this great teaching from Jesse and learn how praying in FAITH can save the sick!
    Like, share, and start walking in divine health TODAY.

  • A Book Of Two Covenants!

    Episode 2

    Jesus is the WORD made flesh! Watch this message from Jesse and be inspired to start READING the Holy Word of God.
    Like, share, and find out how the BIBLE can change your life today!

  • Take NO Thought Saying!

    Episode 3

    How do you cast down imaginations? Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and learn how to bring every thought to the obedience of Christ.

  • Share Your Testimony!

    Episode 4

    Are you letting your LIGHT SHINE each and every day? Watch this faith filled message from Jesse and be encouraged to share your testimony so that ALL can come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus.

  • Believe The Unbelievable...

    Episode 5

    With God…NOTHING is impossible! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and discover just how LIMITLESS God is.

  • Don’t Be Double Minded!

    Episode 6

    A double minded man is unstable in all his ways…Tune in as Jesse shares a great word that will encourage you to stand firm in FAITH!

  • You Are A Candidate For A Miracle!

    Episode 7

    God wants to do the MIRACULOUS in your life…Do you believe it? Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and expect God’s POWER to work wonders!

  • Be Spiritually Fed!

    Episode 8

    This Thanksgiving…don’t just be physically fed! Be FILLED and satisfied with the powerful Word of God!

  • God Can’t Lie!

    Episode 9

    If God said it…He will DO IT! Ignite your faith and hold on to the Lord’s promises as you watch this encouraging message from Jesse.

  • The Message That Changed The World!

    Episode 10

    JESUS is the reason for the season! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and celebrate our Lord’s birth with shouts of joy!

  • Have Christmas JOY…Everyday!

    Episode 11

    It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS…
    Watch this joyful message from Jesse and REJOICE in the Christmas spirit!

  • The Christmas Spirit…is the HOLY Spirit!

    Episode 12

    Did you know that the “Christmas Spirit” is…the HOLY Spirit in action? Tune in and watch as Jesse teaches how the anointing of the Holy Spirit is what makes Christmastime so wonderful!

  • Press Forward Into The New Year!

    Episode 13

    It’s more than a New Year’s resolution…it’s a destiny and destination! Watch this powerful message from Jesse and embrace the exciting opportunities awaiting in your future.