Faith the Facts

Faith the Facts

12 Seasons

Faith the Facts
  • Seed Sown…Harvest Grown!

    Episode 1

    Give and it shall be given unto YOU! Watch as Jesse teaches on the biblical principle of sowing and reaping and how it can impact your life forever.

  • Give God A Job!

    Episode 2

    NOTHING is too difficult for God! It’s time to give God a job and walk in victory.

  • Celebrating 100 Faith the Facts!

    Episode 3

    We will continue to stand in FAITH with YOU! Watch the 100th Faith the Facts teaching with Jesse, and let’s agree that you will see your miracle come to pass.

  • How Do You Change The Facts?

    Episode 4

    Do you have a fact that you want CHANGED? In this Faith the Facts, Jesse shares how to get GOOD RESULTS based on the truths of Scripture.

  • It’s Not Death Valley…It’s The Shadow!

    Episode 5

    The only way to get rid of the shadow is to shine more of your LIGHT! Watch this impactful Faith the Facts with Jesse and embrace the FACT that you have overcome death through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ!

  • You’re A Spirit, Housed In A Soul, And Clothed In A Body!

    Episode 6

    YOU are a TRIUNE being…made in God’s image! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and embrace who YOU truly are.

  • The Plan That God Has For Your Life!

    Episode 7

    JESUS is the way, the truth, and the LIFE. Watch this teaching from Jesse and embrace the FACT that the Holy Spirit guides us in spirit and in truth!

  • Gossip Comes Camouflaged As Concern

    Episode 8

    Let no corrupt talk come out of your mouth! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and SHUT DOWN gossip today.

  • Learn Thought Control!

    Episode 9

    Bring EVERY thought to the obedience of Christ! Watch this Faith the Facts and learn how controlling your thoughts can change your life.

  • Be A Whosoever!

    Episode 10

    Don’t be a mountain mover…be a MOUNTAIN DISSOLVER! Watch this powerful teaching by Jesse and become a WHOSOEVER.

  • Be Willing AND Obedient!

    Episode 11

    YOU shall eat the good of the land! Watch this anointed teaching from Jesse and find out how to be DOERS of the Word.

  • Turn Discouragement Into Encouragement!

    Episode 12

    You have no time to listen to the lies of the enemy! Watch this uplifting teaching from Jesse and replace your discouragement with divine ENCOURAGEMENT.

  • Takers Vs. Receivers

    Episode 11

    What’s the difference between a taker and a receiver? Watch as Jesse explains how to receive ALL of God’s promises and be blessed in every area of your life!