Time: Our Most Precious Commodity

Time: Our Most Precious Commodity

It's an exciting day to be alive in the body of Christ! God is speeding up the time and birthing great purpose and victory in the lives of believers everywhere. Still, God is a God of free will and the choice to use our time to do His will and see His power manifest in our lives is up to us.

In this powerful 4-part series, Jesse will help you see how God chose you long ago to shine His glory in and through your life right now. You will learn how time is priceless and how it is a direct link to your success in Him. You'll also understand the importance of preparing, doing, and redeeming the time so that you can recognize and grasp every prize God has for your future. See how:

• Great opportunities must be prepared for, not simply waited for
• The real difference between people is not in their chances, but in their ability to recognize their chances
• The need of doing is pressing because the time of doing is short
• You must avoid needless aggravation and the spirit of strife
• And much more!

Time is priceless and it doesn’t wait for anyone. So, what will you do today? Why not redeem your time and begin to live a life of victory and success in Christ!

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Time: Our Most Precious Commodity