Dreamer: I Hope They Say That About Me!

Dreamer: I Hope They Say That About Me!

Spark Your God-Given Dreams!
Do you realize that you were created to be a dreamer? Do you know that your dreams can impact the way future generations remember you? Hold on tight because Jesse has revelation to share with you that will spark your God-given dreams and give you a new vision to see them come to pass.

In this dynamic 3 DVD series from his 2015 Visionary Conference, Jesse will tell take you through the life of Joseph, “the dreamer” and show you how:

• You were created to be sustained by having a vision of something bigger than just “today”
• Until you see tomorrow, you will never understand today
• Vision requires faith, and it also makes life more enjoyable
• Dreamers have the genius to be loved greatly because they have the genius to love greatly
• And much more!

How will history remember you? Learn how to manifest the God-given dreams for your life and get ready to hear people say, “…Behold, this dreamer cometh.” Give glory to God because they’ll be saying that about you!

“And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh.” - (Genesis 37:19)

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Dreamer: I Hope They Say That About Me!