Part 1 - The Work of the Ministry

Apr 17, 2008    Jesse Duplantis

Jesse Duplantis is on fire with this revolutionary series. Whether you are a minister, teacher, businessperson or full-time parent, as a believer, you have a ministry for Christ. These three anointed teachings will bless you and motivate you to manifest the divine call God has for your life and ministry.

In Part 1, "The Work of the Ministry" - You will learn how...

• Obedience is the key ingredient for the work of your ministry

• Direction must come from Heaven and not from the counsel of men

To see your destiny in God become a reality, it is essential that you glean Heaven's way of developing, growing, and manifesting your ministry. You are in partnership with God Almighty and, with Him your influence for the Kingdom is immeasurable!