A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like A Medicine, Vol. 7

Jesse Duplantis

Are you ready for a great big dose of joy and laughter? We’re bringing you Volume 7 of A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like A Medicine, which contains more of the hilarious, true stories that Jesse’s preaching is known for. You are going to love these never-before-seen- or heard illustrations that we’ve taken from both his early years and most recent years of ministry. Sit back and enjoy—laughter really is good medicine for the soul!

Stories include:

•  A Stutterer, a Wimp, and a Charismatic Tambourine Player - from Dirt Digging Days Are Over

•  I’m a Man, but Thank God for Mama - from Checkups Always Tell You What’s Up

•  Angel of God With a Cussing Problem - from Learning to Think Out of the Box

•  “But is it too Tight?” - from What is Meant by Waiting on God?

•  Binding Food That Talks - from What You Bind You Should Never Loose

•  Anointed With Oil, Body Lotion, and Cosmetics - from My Definition of Psalm 23

•  Trembling Atheist on a Crashing Plane - from The How-Tos of Believing the Unbelievable and Getting It

•  Beheading a Demon-Possessed Duck - from Keep Your Foot on the Devil’s Neck

... and many more!

Also included are the Bonus Stories:

•  “Charge All the Ice Cream to Daddy” - from Making No Provision for Failure

•  Turning on TVs and Making Maids Watch Gloria Copeland - from The Gospel Casino

•  Birthing Babies With a Hunchback Nurse - from Checkups Always Tell You What’s Up

•  Sheetless Bed and Astronaut Wings (Cathy Duplantis) - from Step Into Your Glorious Destiny