Love - What is it Good for? Absolutely Everything! - Part 2

Jul 4, 2006    Jesse Duplantis

If you truly want to understand what love is, don’t miss one minute of Jesse Duplantis’ four part series, Love: What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything! Through personal experiences and biblical accounts, you will find out that love's good for more than you think.

Is your marriage not where you’d like it to be? How about your relationship with Christ? Do you find that your faith just isn’t working as well as you’d like? Jesse Duplantis will inspire you to lean on the Word that says “faith worketh by love” and to, as he puts it, “check your dipstick” because you just may be “two quarts low” on love!


Love is for you and it’s in you by the work of the Holy Spirit. And, once you understand love as God intended it, you can start spreading the love in more ways than one. You can bring joy to people with sorrow, spice up your marriage, and, most importantly, realize your potential as a believer who is full of God’s unfailing and never-ending love!