The Moment of Truth, Part 1

Apr 7, 2011    Jesse Duplantis

Preached at the 2011 Visionary Leadership Conference, discover God’s vision and direction for you in this 3-part series!

Have you had your moment of truth—a moment when the will of God for your life was clearly revealed to you? Are you living in it right now? If you’re not sure, be encouraged! God’s vision for your life is designed with purpose and filled with adventure and blessing...and He wants to lead you to it! Get ready for great revelation as Jesse teaches you how to get into position to receive from God. This fast paced 3-part series will change your life as you learn how to discover God’s vision and direction for you! Learn valuable principles such as:


• Relationship and fellowship with God is the only way to know His will in your life

• God’s will in your life produces a changed heart, changed thoughts, and changed feelings

• When you understand what God wants you to do, life will have new meaning and new fascination

• When God speaks a vision, it should never be debated

• And more!

Learn how to do whatever it takes to realize and manifest your moment of truth. God has something great for you to do. Don’t lose one more day debating it—just do it!