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  • 2022 Visionary Conference

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  • Glorious 2022 Women's Conference

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    “The king’s daughter is all glorious within: Her clothing is of wrought gold.” Psalm 45:13

    You are a chosen and cherished daughter of the King, and He is calling you to be a part of something bigger—something GLORIOUS! Join Cathy for a transforming time of ministry in these Glorious 2022 message...

  • 2021 Visionary Conference

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    Get ready for your vision to be IGNITED as Jesse shares an anointed message that will empower you to prosper.
    Like, share, and be filled with FAITH!

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  • My Testimony of Heaven

    WATCH as Jesse shares his supernatural trip to Heaven at this special, LIVE event!
    Get ready to experience Jesse’s miraculous testimony so that your FAITH can be strengthened more than ever before.

    Share this message with a friend and let them know that JESUS is returning soon!
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  • Mi Testimonio Del Cielo

    Camina a través de los campos del Paraíso con Jesse mientras comparte su viaje al Cielo que tuvo lugar hace 33 años. Conoce algunos de los grandes patriarcas de la Biblia y seas inspirado mientras Jesse revela el GRAN MANDATO que el Señor Jesús ha dado!

  • My Dad, Your Dad

    When you say, Abba Father, something wonderful happens. Be inspired as Jesse teaches you how to develop a closer, more intimate relationship with your heavenly Father.

  • How to Build Projects Debt-Free and Under Budget

    Practical wisdom and spiritual insight for those who want to build God’s projects, without going over budget and without mounds of debt! Whether it’s a new church building or a new home, Jesse will help you to see that anything you build is the Lord’s and your project should be built His way—with...

  • Bringing Hidden Things To Light

    Light It Up and Shut It Down!
    Get ready to rise to a new level of victory as Jesse opens your eyes wide to the power source of God’s light within you. In this empowering message, you’ll be equipped with spiritual strategies from the Word that will help you expose, resist, and shut down anything t...

  • Glorious 2020 Women’s Conference

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    Let your expectation rise for the glory of God to move with this life-transforming time of ministry! Recorded from Glorious 2020, Cathy Duplantis’ 20th Anniversary Women’s Conference celebration, these anointed teachings by Cathy and her special guest speaker, Taffi Dollar, will help you realize ...

  • The Sight of VISION - 2020 Visionary Conference

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    Breathe Life into Your God-ordained Dreams!

    Get ready to enter an atmosphere of great faith that is sure to breathe life into your God-ordained dreams. Captured from Jesse’s 2020 Visionary Conference, these three messages will open your eyes of faith to receive the results you’re believing for. ...

  • Opportunities Are Not Accidents, They’re Maps of Direction

    When you accepted Christ into your heart, you were given the greatest opportunity in life—to do good! Re-energize your faith as Jesse teaches you how to seize the divine opportunities of blessing that will land you and keep you on the road to your destiny. Find out how doing good with intention a...

  • Glorious 2023 Women's Conference

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    Make your plans to attend Cathy Duplantis' 2023 Glorious: A Conference for Women!
    Everyone is welcomed and registration is free at