This Week with Jesse

This Week with Jesse

8 Seasons

This Week with Jesse
  • In Australia

    Episode 1

    Jesse is in Australia updating about his meetings.

  • Australia Report

    Episode 2

    Jesse tells about the recent meetings in Australia and turning 70 years old.

  • Honor

    Episode 3

    Jesse talks about honor, the gift you give yourself.

  • God Has Your Back

    Episode 4

    Jesse talks about Loyalty, Zeal and Enthusiasm, and tells how God has your back.

  • Dwelling in Unity

    Episode 5

    Jesse talks about Psalm 133:1 and dwelling together in unity.

  • Back To School

    Episode 6

    Jesse talks to kids of all ages and to the parents about the new school season.

  • God and Society

    Episode 7

    Jesse talks about life, morality, God and Society.

  • Real Friends

    Episode 8

    Jesse talks about real friends, and thanks all the partners and friends who help JDM bring the Gospel to the world.

  • You Need God

    Episode 9

    Jesse addresses those who leave the faith, and tells why you need God.

  • In Tune With God

    Episode 10

    Jesse explains why you need to be in tune with God.

  • Peace in The Storm

    Episode 11

    Jesse talks about natural disasters, Philippians 4:7, and having the peace of God.

  • Support Your Team

    Episode 12

    Jesse talks about how we�re all a part of the �Team of God�.

  • Handling Aggravation

    Episode 13

    Jesse talks about how to handle aggravation and have peace.