Victorious Living

  • How to Build Projects Debt-Free and Under Budget

    Practical wisdom and spiritual insight for those who want to build God’s projects, without going over budget and without mounds of debt! Whether it’s a new church building or a new home, Jesse will help you to see that anything you build is the Lord’s and your project should be built His way—with...

  • Bringing Hidden Things To Light

    Light It Up and Shut It Down!
    Get ready to rise to a new level of victory as Jesse opens your eyes wide to the power source of God’s light within you. In this empowering message, you’ll be equipped with spiritual strategies from the Word that will help you expose, resist, and shut down anything t...

  • Glorious 2020 Women’s Conference

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    Let your expectation rise for the glory of God to move with this life-transforming time of ministry! Recorded from Glorious 2020, Cathy Duplantis’ 20th Anniversary Women’s Conference celebration, these anointed teachings by Cathy and her special guest speaker, Taffi Dollar, will help you realize ...

  • The Sight of VISION - 2020 Visionary Conference

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    Breathe Life into Your God-ordained Dreams!

    Get ready to enter an atmosphere of great faith that is sure to breathe life into your God-ordained dreams. Captured from Jesse’s 2020 Visionary Conference, these three messages will open your eyes of faith to receive the results you’re believing for. ...

  • The Most Contagious Disease of Christianity

    Do you need a miracle in your life today? It’s time for your spiritual checkup so that you can receive!

    As a Christian who desires Jesus’ miracle-working power to flow in your life, it’s vital to guard yourself against a paralyzing spiritual disease—unbelief. In this compelling message, Jesse t...

  • God's Wonderful Plan

    Are you ready to walk into all of the promises God has for your future? All it takes is a detailed plan, and Jesus has an amazing one mapped out specifically for you!

    Get ready for your heart to soar as Cathy shows you how to recognize and embrace the divine path ahead of you. You’ll be energize...

  • Never Do What You Are Told Not To Do

    God loves you, and He’s placed warnings in His Word to keep you blessed and out of harm’s way. Get ready to reap a bountiful harvest as Jesse motivates you to heed God’s instruction to not grow weary in well doing. God is speaking to you, and He doesn’t want you to give up—harvest time is coming!

  • The Dedicated Minority

    Genesis 18:17-33
    Are you God’s friend? Bursting with energy and inspiration, Jesse shares how growing an intimate, covenant relationship with God brings divine favor, fellowship, and confidence to your life. Learn how to be a dedicated, victorious, thrilled-to-be-saved believer who lives life to ...

  • Fellowshipping with Your Vision

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    Look Up and See What God Sees—Your Great Future!
    You are called by God to do something BIG! Can you see it?

    When God created you, He had an awesome plan in mind. He equipped you with everything you would need to bring that vision to pass. But you have to envision it, too! Get ready for your visi...

  • Failure Is Not an Option - Dynamic 4 Part Expanded Version

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    Jesse teaches that when you separate yourself from the crowd, you'll learn you can never impoverish God, so always aim for more than enough. Get more of the 'Failure Is Not An Option' message, with this dynamic expanded version.

  • Dreamer: I Hope They Say That About Me!

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    Spark Your God-Given Dreams!
    Do you realize that you were created to be a dreamer? Do you know that your dreams can impact the way future generations remember you? Hold on tight because Jesse has revelation to share with you that will spark your God-given dreams and give you a new vision to see t...

  • Living Off the Top of the Barrel

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    Rise Up and Live in the Blessing!

    It doesn’t matter what the economy says, what the doctor says, or what the world says, YOU are a child of God and you’ve been blessed to “live in the blessing”—spiritually, physically, and financially. Get ready for your faith to ignite as Jesse shares biblical ...

  • Time: Our Most Precious Commodity

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    It's an exciting day to be alive in the body of Christ! God is speeding up the time and birthing great purpose and victory in the lives of believers everywhere. Still, God is a God of free will and the choice to use our time to do His will and see His power manifest in our lives is up to us.

    In ...

  • The Moment of Truth

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    Preached at the 2011 Visionary Leadership Conference, discover God’s vision and direction for you in this 3-part series!

    Have you had your moment of truth—a moment when the will of God for your life was clearly revealed to you? Are you living in it right now? If you’re not sure, be encouraged! G...

  • The How To's of Believing the Unbelievable and Getting It

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    Visionary Leadership Conference 2010

    Are you ready for an impartation and revelation that will help you accomplish your mission and reach the vision God has for your life? These three anointed and empowering services led by Jesse Duplantis and captured on DVD are from the revolutionary 2010 ...

  • Philosophy: The Vanity of Genetically Altered Christianity

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    Don’t Get Lost in a Theological Wilderness.

    Do you ever ask yourself hard questions about why Christ is not manifesting in your life? Do you look at the promises of God and say, “But that can’t be for me”? Grab hold of this challenging and empowering 4 part series by Jesse Duplantis and get read...

  • 3 Essentials of Ministry

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    Jesse Duplantis is on fire with this revolutionary series. Whether you are a minister, teacher, businessperson or full-time parent, as a believer, you have a ministry for Christ. These three anointed teachings will bless you and motivate you to manifest the divine call God has for your life and m...

  • Four Words That Can Change Your Life - Have Faith in God

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    Are you ready for real change? God wants you in His kingdom and He has enabled you to be the architect of a purposeful and successful life here and now. In this captivating 4 Part Series, Jesse Duplantis reveals how four powerful words spoken by Jesus Christ—“Have Faith in God”—can revolutionize...

  • Taking Ownership of What Is Ours

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    Change the way you see yourself
    You Own More Than You Think

    Explore a revelation from God that will empower you to take ownership of what’s rightfully yours. You are a loved member of God’s amazing family and you own more than you think!

    Discover the blessings your Father has always intended yo...

  • Overflow - God's Gift of Abundance for You

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    Dr. Jesse Duplantis will inspire you to do the things necessary - spiritually and naturally - to open the door for God to pour out His "pressed-down, shaken together, and running-over" blessings on your life!

    In five power-packed messages, Dr. Duplantis will take you through the scriptures and s...

  • The Force of Unconscious Influence

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    You have a unique force within you that has the ability to affect those around you and move your God-given vision forward—INFLUENCE. In this confidence-building series, Jesse encourages you to embrace the influential calling on your life with passion and determination. No matter what season of li...

  • 2019 Glorious Conference

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    Are you ready to experience manifestations of God’s majesty and walk in His glorious splendor and wonderful miracles? At the Glorious 2019 Women’s Conference, Cathy and her special guest Drenda Keesee share powerful truths from God’s Word that will inspire and equip you to live the miraculous lif...

  • 2018 Visionary Conference

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    It is with great joy that we present our 10th annual Visionary Conference—10 years of vision, passion, and the presence of God—advancing us into higher levels of faith in Jesus. Grab your Bible and watch expecting your vision to explode with new passion right where you are!

  • Running a Vision Is Greater than Running a Business

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    God has an extraordinary vision that He designed just for you—are you ready to see it come to pass? In this dynamic 3-part series, Jesse will teach you divine principles that will show you how to take action and accomplish your God-given dreams. Each fast-paced message will inspire you and help y...